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Run /help for help!

Nathan Kulzer

Ever gotten this strange error message?

Unrecognized command help. The command does not exist, or you aren't allowed to run it. Run /help for help.

Well, I have the solution! Over the last few days, I have been writing the /help command to view help pages, like commands and html. Pages that start with # will be hidden from non-admin users, while pages that start with % will not show in the list but can be typed in manually. What a helpful command!

Added Iamtruly

I have added the /iamtruly command! Administrators can use it to take the name of someone, kicking them in the process. Useful…? And remember, I’m inviting you to go over to NoMoreNotes and chat!

Starting the Website!

Nathan Kulzer

I made this post to celebrate getting the blog up. This is the first post with actual content, and it might work, IDK?